The order and rules in Hayek

Magdaléna Steinhauser Wesserlová
2017 E-LOGOS  
The paper is focused on the problem of freedom in F. A. Hayek. Content of the work is targeted for analysis of order in society. Te paper is trying to define, describe and analyze two kinds of order, and that spontaneous and created, and then find and break down first and most fundamental prerequisite for defining a need for a clearer grasp of negative liberty. The aim of this work is also to analyze a set of rules in general, because the rules of human behavior stopped in Hayek's idea produced
more » ... yek's idea produced equally significant position as the order. In this context, it wants the text to highlight the causal connection of order with the rules, which built so to prevent chaos in society and maintaining its functional progress. The intention of this paper is through the order and rules, as two general as well as probably the most important pillars of Hayek's ideological concept to highlight their importance as indicators of the minimal efforts to define the scope of freedom.
doi:10.18267/j.e-logos.444 fatcat:drmxysjw7vcp7eh56nd33lbo2i