Role of Glutamate Dehydrogenase in Cancer Growth and Homeostasis [chapter]

Ellen Friday, Robert Oliver, Francesco Turturro, Tomas Welbourne
2012 Dehydrogenases  
Dehydrogenases 30 an assessment of net GDH flux (Figure 1,Rxn1 ) as 15N NH4 + and, or, ALT flux as 15N alanine produced(Figure1,Rxn2). Figure 5. Ammonium production from amino nitrogen of glutamine. Cells were incubated for 18 hours in [2-15N] glutamine. TRO was used at 20 uM, PIO 10 uM. Results are from 3 experiments.
doi:10.5772/48606 fatcat:fpdbjdz66rcoxffyq3l3xjbwem