Etude de l'effet du brassage électromagnétique sur les microstructures d'alliages cuivreux

Thomas Campanella
VI dritic liquid was calculated by numerical simulation for both alloys, under various experimental conditions. These results confirmed the importance to bring the inductor closer to the position of the liquidus to remelt dendrites, in particular in the case of the C97 alloy, which proves to be much more difficult to refine than the BZ4 alloy. Lastly, survival of the fragments was also studied. It depends on the casting conditions (casting speed and thermal gradient) and on the composition of
more » ... he composition of the alloy. From the differences in composition of both alloys, it could be shown that the survival of dendrites fragments is improved during the solidification of the BZ4 alloy, compared with the C97 alloy.
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-2818 fatcat:o7kdavuoefcplceyw6eahpj7wu