Is Bertrand de Jouvenel only a Liberal Philosopher? The Relations between His Political Thought with the Twentieth Century Sociological Thought

Gabriele Ciampini
2013 International Journal of Social Science and Humanity  
My paper is dedicated to Bertrand de Jouvenel's political thought. My present work frames his thoughts into new theoretical paradigms.If we look at the critical literature on Jouvenel, we realize that this thinker is commonly regarded by his interpreters as a Liberal philosopher.This is the case for instance of Olivier Dard who, in his work Bertrand de Jouvenel (2008), emphasizes the similarities between Jouvenel's thought and that of Friedrich von Hayek. Jouvenel, in fact, was a member of the
more » ... as a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, an international organization advocating for pro-market policies.This view has certainly some truth, since in his major works,Du Pouvoir (1945)and De la Souveraineté (1955)he displays his conception of history saying that it is part of the anti-statist tradition. My essay aims at integrating this approach, illustrating the connections between Jouvenel and some sociological thoughts. France. During the first year of his Ph.D., he has organized a co-tutorship with the Paris-Sorbonne University. He is currently a member of an italian research project titledIl "governo del popolo": partecipazione, consenso, esclusione nella costruzione delle democrazie contemporanee . His research focuses on the figure of Bertrand de Jouvenel, the theory of democracy and the relationship between philosophy and political science.
doi:10.7763/ijssh.2013.v3.280 fatcat:wb3j3o6mw5b6zar6wefxhxz4aa