Genetic appraisal of frost damage in mulberry germplasm accessions in temperate climate of Jammu and Kashmir, India

2021 Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding  
Sericulture is an age old traditional occupation in Kashmir which owns a temperate climate and its success is dictated by the quality of mulberry leaves. Like many other plants, Mulberry, Morus spp. is also damaged by frost and has been felt as an impediment in expanding the sericulture for two to three seasons from the present one season activity. The impact of winter 2018-19 on the mulberry accessions at Manasbal, Kashmir was measured during February -April 2019 in terms of frost damage and
more » ... frost damage and sprouting. Studies revealed large variability in frost damage ranging from 1.21 to 23.71 per cent. Morus alba accessions though recorded higher frost damage, offer higher scope and potential for frost tolerance breeding with reliable genetic estimates in terms of high GCV (72.37%), PCV (84.38%) and heritability (73.55%) but, had a low genetic advance (7.84%). A recently developed M. multicaulis variety, PPR-1 appeared to be a promising one for frost tolerance breeding as well as commercial cultivation.
doi:10.37992/2021.1201.016 fatcat:nownq7krdzd3ngdtr5mtm5ie6e