Acellular and "low" pertussis vaccines: adverse events and the role of mutations

Hisako G. Higashi, Expedito Luna, Alexander R. Precioso, Marluce Vilela, Flávia S. Kubrusly, Waldely O. Dias, Isaias Raw
2009 Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo  
Objective: to discuss the current PAHO recommendation that does not support the substitution of traditional cellular DTP vaccine by acellular DTP, and the role of mutations, in humans, as the main cause of rare adverse events, such as epileptic-like convulsions, triggered by pertussis vaccine. Data review: the main components related to toxic effects of cellular pertussis vaccines are the lipopolysaccharide of bacterial cell wall and pertussis toxin. The removal of part of lipopolysaccharide
more » ... popolysaccharide layer has allowed the creation of a safer cellular pertussis vaccine, with costs comparable to the traditional cellular vaccine, and which may be a substitute for the acellular vaccine. Conclusion: The new methodology introduced by Instituto Butantan allows for the development of a new safer pertussis vaccine with low LPS content (Plow), and the use of the lipopolysaccharide obtained in the process in the production of monophosphoryl lipid A. This component has shown potent adjuvant effect when administered together with influenza inactivated vaccine, making possible to reduce the antigen dose, enhancing the production capacity and lowering costs.
doi:10.1590/s0036-46652009000300002 pmid:19551286 fatcat:wldro435zvdgdmojh3yxsdhveu