Management of pharmaceutical industry on the basis of logistics

Pharmaceutical industry management based on the strategic planning and management has taken the dominant position in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry course of business. This has been made possible by evolutionary changes of their business philosophy that took place against the background of the rapid development of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. Plant-based preparations and medicines as goods are the part of the system of administering medical aid and have a number of features. In
more » ... e current context of transforma-tional economy of Ukraine and aggravation of competition there is an urgent problem of logistics based comprehensive restructuring and improvement of pharmaceutical companies as one of the crucial factors to improve their competitiveness, and it may become the subject of further researches Studies have shown that some managers of pharmaceutical companies of Sumy region demonstrate low attitude with the strategic management and this does not allow to realize fully the potential of units headed by them. Early detection of contradiction, situa-tional analysis and policy design are rather labour-consuming and present some difficulties for managers. From the above reasoning shown the paper investigated a priority assignment scheme between strategic and continuous work of pharmaceutical companies of Sumy region; effective work model of pharmaceutical company A; manufacturing planning scheme based on process approach; stock list's control chart based on ABC-approach of model pharmaceutical manufacturer; sales proceeds over a certain period; finite capacity scheduling diagram in group A, B, C assortment. Reasonable proposals shown us the proper use of process approach to the manufacturing; use of ABC analysis and software, which leads to the efficiency improvement of three functions: projection, control and management as business development components.