DiSC Behavioral Types of Freshmen at the Clinical Laboratory Science Department in D College

Eun Kyung Noh, Sun Kyung Lee
2014 Korean Journal of Clinical Laboratory Science  
This study aims to understand some related types (to DiSC behavioral ones) through an analysis about DiSC behavioral types of freshmen at the clinical pathology department in the University. In order to do that, a total of 34 male and female students were surveyed. General characteristics and DiSC behavioral types for the targeted students were analyzed for frequency and percentage. For the frequency, the Chi-square test was performed and the level of significance was set to p<0.05. For the
more » ... ents to select the university at general characteristics from the result of this study, 21 students were found to have selected the university voluntarily (61.8%). For the information about the clinical pathology department, 14 students were found to be informed through media (41.2%) and 7 students were informed through their parents (20.6%). For the DiSC behavioral types of the students majoring in clinical pathology, 18 students were found to be I type (53.0%), 8 students were C type (23.5%), 5 students were S type (14.7%) and 3 students were D type (8.8%). The relevance between general characteristics and DiSC behavioral type were found to be insignificant. As this study is aimed, there is no significant relevance between general characteristics and DiSC behavioral types, but through an understanding of characteristics of the students majoring in the clinical pathology, helping freshmen who are taking their first steps to adapt themselves to a new environment by diagnosing and understanding their behavioral types, understanding behavioral styles of those four types and guiding them in a positive direction, the method should be considered to raise their satisfaction about the major.
doi:10.15324/kjcls.2014.46.2.54 fatcat:q6762zrzmnckznxg6m2oab66zq