The path to Weimar Serbia? Explaining the resurgence of the Serbian far right after the fall of Milosevic

Djordje Stefanovic
2008 Ethnic and Racial Studies  
A number of European countries are experiencing a rise in the blue collar and ethnic majority vote for the ultra-nationalist far right. The situation seems particularly ominous in Serbia, where the far right is enjoying a resurgence of electoral support, coming close to capturing the presidency in 2004. This study analyses the results of five post-Milosevic elections and finds support for the argument that the majority's economic vulnerability and a sense of 'ethnic threat' are the major
more » ... ual predictors of far right support. In light of the demonstrated ability of the Serbian far right to mobilise economically vulnerable sections of the population, implementation of neo-liberal economic reforms might unintentionally bring them to power. The maintenance and development of the welfare state might counteract the electoral appeal of authoritarian ultra-nationalists.
doi:10.1080/01419870701682303 fatcat:kdmbvzbegfhq7ejpqlbufuppmq