Behaviour of Strength Properties of Fast-Growing Endospermum diadenum Species at Different Distance from the Vortex

Gaddafi ISMAILI, Rosmiani ROSLANI, Khairul Khuzaimah ABDUL RAHIM, Alik DUJU, Zurina ISMAILI, Iskanda OPENG, Mohammad Nazriq ILIAS
2017 Medžiagotyra  
The data performance for structural usage of highly engineered wood is very useful, however, the lacking of the data is very much concern for fast-growing indigenous timber species in timber engineering field. In correlation with that, the strength properties behaviour of Endospermum diadenum has to be studied to analyse the distribution pattern of strength properties at a different distance from the vortex also known as pith. The species have been obtained from the East Campus of Universiti
more » ... aysia Sarawak's forest reserve. Strength properties test were carried out namely, static bending (modulus of rupture -MOR and modulus of elasticity -MOE), and the compressive strength (compression stress parallel to grain). Meanwhile, physical properties test was carried out namely, moisture content (MC) and density. Small specimens measuring 20 x 20 mm were tested in green and dry conditions in accordance with British Standard, BS 373:1957 (British Standards Institution, 1957. The green condition refers to moisture content greater than 19 percent and dry condition with moisture content less than or equal 19 percent. All the results that had been tested were analyzed using statistical analysis as mean results. The strength properties of specimen increased from the pith towards the sapwood in which the strength is the lowest at 25 mm from pith followed by 50 mm, and the highest is at 75 mm from the pith. Distribution of the basic density also increases slightly from the pith towards the sapwood with a significant increment in average mean value at 25 mm from vortex with 0.54 g/cm 3 , 0.62 g/cm 3 at 50 mm and 0.66 g/cm 3 at 75 mm from the vortex. Meanwhile, for dry condition, the increases in average mean value with 0.425 g/cm 3 at 25 mm, 0.427 g/cm 3 at 50 mm and 0.47 g/cm 3 at 75 mm from the vortex. It can be concluded that the physical properties of the wood have a direct impact on the wood stiffness and strength.
doi:10.5755/ fatcat:gurygdxaqbcu3drddsvuozsrii