How to Drive Rats away Alive

1895 Scientific American  
A HOUSE IN THE COLONIAL STYLE. I �nd "n. nook for buffet. Kikhpll and pantries are We illustrate on page 11 a Colonial house, recently ! trimmed and wainscoted with whitewood, and are erected at Groton, Mass., in the style of Longfellow's furnished with the usual fixtures complete. The second home. The main features of this house are its simplicity and third floors are finished natural, with hard oil. of shape and the Corinthian decorations. It contains a The second floor contains three
more » ... , large closets, central hall, with staircase at rear, and a large dining-and bathroom, while the third floor contains two bed room, running clear through the house, at one side of rooms and trunk room. Bathroom is wainscoted with this hall, and two rooms on the othu side. The wing is ash. It is fitted up with the usual fixtures, with entirely devoted to the kitchen, laundry and servants' exposed plumbing. Cemented cellar contains furnace, rooms; and it will be n()ticed on the elevations that the laundry, and other apartments. Mr. Samuel D. P. windows of the sen-ants' rooms and the kitchen and \Villiams, architect, Williamsburg, N. Y. Cost $5,000 laundry are placed so high that the front lawn is thus complete. (lut of sight from those rooms, and, consequently. Our engravings WE're made direct from photographs private.
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