Domain Adversarial Neural Networks for Large-Scale Land Cover Classification

Bejiga, Melgani, Beraldini
2019 Remote Sensing  
Learning classification models require sufficiently labeled training samples, however, collecting labeled samples for every new problem is time-consuming and costly. An alternative approach is to transfer knowledge from one problem to another, which is called transfer learning. Domain adaptation (DA) is a type of transfer learning that aims to find a new latent space where the domain discrepancy between the source and the target domain is negligible. In this work, we propose an unsupervised DA
more » ... an unsupervised DA technique called domain adversarial neural networks (DANNs), composed of a feature extractor, a class predictor, and domain classifier blocks, for large-scale land cover classification. Contrary to the traditional methods that perform representation and classifier learning in separate stages, DANNs combine them into a single stage, thereby learning a new representation of the input data that is both domain-invariant and discriminative. Once trained, the classifier of a DANN can be used to predict both source and target domain labels. Additionally, we also modify the domain classifier of a DANN to evaluate its suitability for multi-target domain adaptation problems. Experimental results obtained for both single and multiple target DA problems show that the proposed method provides a performance gain of up to 40%.
doi:10.3390/rs11101153 fatcat:s6mqbnwj2zhvterors3yxx3gkq