Mapping 5' termini of JC virus late RNA

S Kenney, V Natarajan, N P Salzman
1986 Journal of Virology  
The 5' termini of late mRNAs were mapped 17 to 19 days after primary human fetal glial cells were infected with JC virus. The major 5' start sites spanned a region of approximately 250 nucleotides, starting at nucleotide 5114, which was on the early side of the replication origin, and extending to nucleotide 242, which was on the late side of the 98-base-pair (bp) repeats. The sequence TATATAT was contained within each of the 98-bp repeats but does not specify 5' start sites in vivo. However,
more » ... e sequence TACCTA, which occurred 25 to 30 bp upstream of the simian virus 40 nucleotide position 325 start site (J. Brady, M. Radonovich, M. Vodkin, V. Natarajan, M. Thoren, G. Das, J. Janik, and N. P. Salzman, Cell 31:625-633, 1982) and functions as a surrogate TATA box, was present 30 bp upstream of two JC virus start sites.
doi:10.1128/jvi.58.1.216-219.1986 fatcat:hoqfczcg6zgr3jla5evsfxg24e