The potential of androgenic alopecia management from plant derivatives

N.M. Noor, N.Z. Nazri, N.A. Mohamad-Salam, Z.I. Abdul-Rasid, R. Hasham, A. Abdul-Aziz
2020 Food Research  
Hair loss or alopecia is a common dermatological issue that can affect millions of human population of all ages and both gender, male and female. Frequently, alopecia has been found to be associated with significant adverse effects or reduction of psychological and self-esteem. Consequently, this may lead to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety, thus it may negatively impact the quality of life as well. There are several types of hair loss including androgenetic alopecia (AGA),
more » ... tic alopecia (AGA), alopecia areata (AA), alopecia totalis (AT), Alopecia Universalis (AU), cicatricial alopecia (CA), senescent alopecia (SA), traction alopecia (TA) and telogen effluvium. However, this review will focus on the androgenic alopecia only. Androgenic alopecia (AGA) also known as male pattern baldness is referred to as hair loss that often occurs in men after puberty caused by the androgen. In addition, this review will discuss on the hair growth cycles and their mechanism on the androgenic alopecia and lastly the management of androgenic alopecia using plant derivatives and methods used in order to prolong the efficacy of androgenetic alopecia treatment.
doi:10.26656/fr.2017.4(s2).s09 fatcat:6ygdk4yls5eh3ovvxjtqevndxu