Aplikasi Permainan, Alat Musik, Perkusi Tradisional, Rindik Bali Dengan Augmented, Reality Berbasis, Android Putu, Jopan Aristana, I Komang, Rinartha Yasa Negara, I Nyoman, Rudy Hendrawan, Abstrak Permainan (+3 others)
The Application Of Balinese Rindik Traditional Percussion with Augmented Reality Based On Android is a Balinese Rindik Percussion recognition. On this Application, the shape of Balinese Rindik Percussion is featured in three-dimensional form. In this application making's, use severally developer application as Unity, Vuforia, and Blender. Unity used to design component, and carries on programming languages on application, Vuforia is provider library's makings and marker's makings application,
more » ... ings application, and Blender functions in three-dimensional object maker that featured by application. The end result of this reseach is one application which be carried based on Android's system that simulated of Traditional Percussion Balinese Rindik, using Marker with Augmented Reality feature to display Balinese Rindik Percussion projection playable and guidance information as text and video on application. This application is a media that can used to introduce and develop the culture in particular Balinese Rindik Traditional Percussion with practical element and innovative technology.