Effect of fluid medium in source rock porosity on oil primary migration

Ma Zhongliang, Zheng Lunju, Zhao Zhongxi, Ge Ying, Xu Qin
2015 Petroleum Geology & Experiment  
With the self鄄designed simulation instrument for hydrocarbon generation and expulsion in formation porosity under controlled heating and pressuring conditions, a series of experiments was made with different sys鄄 tems such as nitrogen-water vapor, water vapor-liquid water, liquid water, and anhydrous. Oil discharge effi鄄 ciency was compared to study the effect of the fluid medium in source rock porosity on oil primary migration. In the oil and gas generation phase, pore space in the source rock
more » ... was charged by fluids ( hydrocarbon gas, non鄄hy鄄 drocarbon gas, oil, formation water) with certain temperature and pressure. Liquid water was an indispensable transport carrier in oil primary migration process. Water might adsorb onto the surface of minerals, preventeding the adsorption of hydrocarbon and was favorable for hydrocarbon migration. CO 2 associated with hydrocarbon generation easily dissolved in oil, which reduced the interfacial tension between the oil and water, oil viscosity and oil migration resistance, and promoted oil primary migration.
doi:10.7603/s40972-015-0016-4 fatcat:epnf5zeh4jdt3o57rjne6wk56a