Enterococcus faecium CCM7420, bacteriocin PPB CCM7420 and their effect in the digestive tract of rabbits

M. Pogány Simonová, A. Lauková, Ľ. Chrastinová, V. Strompfová, Š. Faix, Z. Vasilková, Ľ. Ondruška, R. Jurčík, J. Rafay
2009 Czech Journal of Animal Science  
The effect of <I>Enterococcus faecium</I> CCM7420, bacteriocin-producing strain with probiotic properties and its partially purified bacteriocin PPB CCM7420 on growth performance, microflora, <I>Eimeria</I> sp. oocysts, biochemical blood parameters and glutathione-peroxidase activity in rabbits was determined. An increase in the body weight of rabbits (<I>P</I> < 0.01) was achieved after <I>E. faecium</I> CCM7420 application. A non-significant reduction of faecal <I>E. coli</I> (including
more » ... I> (including haemolytic <I>E. coli</I>), coagulase-positive staphylococci (CPS) and <I>Staphylococcus aureus</I> was found in rabbits administered the <I>E. faecium</I> CCM7420 strain and lower (non-significant) counts of <I>S. aureus</I> and <I>Clostridium</I>-like sp. were detected in PPB CCM7420 group, compared to the control. In the caecum, a significant reduction of CPS was noted in both experimental groups (<I>P</I> < 0.001 and <I>P</I> < 0.05 for EG1 and EG2, respectively). Biochemical blood parameters increased in both experimental groups (<I>P</I> < 0.05 and <I>P</I> < 0.001 for EG2 and EG1, respectively). In the CCM7420 group, the lowest activity of glutathione-peroxidase was measured (<I>P</I> < 0.001). After the application of PPB CCM7420 (<I>P</I> < 0.05; day 21), a reduction of <I>Eimeria </I>sp. oocysts was recorded.
doi:10.17221/1659-cjas fatcat:f7cyykdwivevrbusbiu6fh2w3i