(2006 - 2007) Student Government Minutes: 2007-01-23 [article]

Devin Fletcher
Almost all units within the Division of Student Affairs here at the University are nationally recognized. Every one of these units is a direct collaboration/ partnership with the Division of Student Affairs. The recognition of the Division of Student Affairs is a direct reflection of the students. The University of Texas programs are highly regarded nationally being consistently ranked in the top three places. We have a phenomenal staff, but more importantly a phenomenal student body even more
more » ... pecifically Student Government. When you look around at the programs and services that you have as part of your student services and also the responsibility you have as well, we have an unwavering belief in you all as student leaders. We have much to build on and much to look forward to in the future? Grant Stanis: Do you foresee the move towards flat rate tuition across the board at the University to present future problems or concerns with raising money to continue these great student fees. Gonzalez: We have to continually be aggressive and persuasive in order to overcome the loss of some of these fees, but this is something that must be done in either case. V.
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