Researches on obtaining vegetable oils as a source of alternative energy

Paul Găgeanu, Iuliana Găgeanu, George Bunduchi, Alexandru Zaica, N.V. Vlăduţ, G.P. Negreanu
2019 E3S Web of Conferences  
Biodiesel type fuel is widely used on a large scale in most of the European Union. Carbon dioxide is eliminated by combusting biodiesel, but not toxic emissions. Due to the more drastic European ecological demands to reduce the quantity of toxic emissions from automobiles, there is an increased interest to use biodiesel, because it is a bio-degradable and non-polluting fuel. Even by mixing diesel fuel with biodiesel in a percentage of 20%, the emission of toxic gases will be greatly reduced.
more » ... greatly reduced. Vegetable oils used as biofuels are obtained from oleaginous plant crops, without any prejudice to food security. The use of biodiesel can also bring benefits by prolonging the lifetime of diesel engines, ensuring a better lubrication. The paper presents a series of researches on obtaining vegetable oils from various oleaginous seeds (rapeseed, camelina, hemp) using a special installation for producing oils through cold pressing.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/201911203032 fatcat:lskzlt3zwzgtrd2kotax6hdfxe