A Cognitive Approach to the Teaching of College English Writing

SHAN Xiao-ming
2018 Sino-US English Teaching  
One major objective in the teaching of college English writing is to help students master basic language skills, in the hope that students will finally learn to write passably well in English. In keeping with the concept that a language is a huge system, a cognitive approach to college English writing aims at the link and association of various language elements to help to inspire the formation of the linguistic instinct on the part of the students. Based on the practical teaching practice,
more » ... ching practice, ways are recommended to coordinate various elements of a sentence, including "vowel spectrum", "sentence analyzing spectrum", and "focus in context". Keywords: college English writing, a cognitive approach, coordination of "vowel sound spectrum", "sentence analysis spectrum" and "spectrum of focus in context"
doi:10.17265/1539-8072/2018.02.005 fatcat:3dlkz6vtqng4dfrkligbqwvoua