Prevalence of respiratory symptoms in areas of the Federal District, Brazil
Prevalência de sintomáticos respiratórios em regiões do Distrito Federal, Brasil

Felipe Teixeira de Mello Freitas, Renata Tiene de Carvalho Yokota, André Peres Barbosa de Castro, Silvânia Suely Caribé de Araújo Andrade, Gilmara Lima Nascimento, Noely Fabiana Oliveira de Moura, Amanda Priscila de Santana Cabral, Cristine Nascente Igansi, Márcia de Cantuária Tauil, Patrícia Marques Ferreira, Carina Guedes Ramos, Carolina Monteiro da Costa (+10 others)
2011 Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública  
The identification of individuals with respiratory symptoms (RS) is important for the early detection of tuberculosis. The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of RS in three administrative regions of the Federal District, Brazil. For this, we used the 30 by 7 cluster sampling technique proposed by the World Health Organization. Individuals with RS were defined as those aged 15 years or older living in the administrative regions of Estrutural, Itapoã, or Varjão and reporting a cough
more » ... lasting at least 3 weeks at the date of the interview. The prevalence of RS was 5.7% in Estrutural and Varjão (95% CI: 2.4-9.0) and 4.8% in Itapoã (95%CI: 1.6-7.9), with a design effect close to 1.0. In Estrutural and Itapoã, fewer years of schooling, and in Itapoã and Varjão, lower income, were associated with RS. Cigarette smoking was associated with the presence of RS in all regions. The prevalence of RS in the three administrative regions investigated is consistent with that of other areas with a similar socioeconomic profile.
pmid:21829970 fatcat:btp5w3s2sfd65auu5rgnvkb72u