Elementi di astrologia nel Decameron censurato di Luigi Groto

Kristina Lazar
2011 Acta Neophilologica  
The censored version of the Decameron by Luigi Groto, which was published in 1588, was already the third censorship of Boccaccio's masterpiece during the Counter-Reformation. As opposed to the other two censured versions, this one did not place emphasis on philological questions, but it tried above all to narratively fill the gaps created by expurgation; in some cases following the original plot and in the others changing it to such a degree that the novels remained barely recognizable. This
more » ... cognizable. This article exposes some characteristics of Groto's mannerist style; especially the elements of astrology, which emerge in the expurgated parts of the text, and the way these elements function when inserted into Boccaccio's text.
doi:10.4312/an.44.1-2.129-140 fatcat:5hqu5gfqorbbffac267sgk3izi