Supersymnletric quantum mechanics and supersymmetry breaking

Meena Dobal, B Rajpu
2000 In<ii:1Il Jou rnal of Pure & App li ed Ph ys ics   unpublished
Dep:lrlillent or Ph ys ics. KUIll:llln Uni vers it y. Na in i tal 263 002 Received 27 Marc il 2()()() SupersY lllllletric :li gehr:1 ha s heen co nstru cted in terms of spil1ori :1i charges in co mpl ex C 's pace co nsis ting of sY lllllletri cal sp:ll ial :lml templnal cO lllponen ts :ll ll l th e supersY lllllletri c quantulll mechanics has hee n rormul :ltcd hy identify ing th e :Idd iti o nal lelllpor:1i component s o f thi s space as superlim e anticomllluting v: lria hles. Superri elds.
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