On the Gorensteinness of Rees algebras over local rings

Shin Ikeda
1986 Nagoya mathematical journal  
Let(A, m, k) be a Noetherian local ring andIan ideal ofA. We setand call this gradedA-algebra the Rees algebra ofI. The importance of the Rees algebraR(I) is in the fact that ProjR(I) is the blowing up of SpecAwith center inV(I). The Cohen-Macaulayness of Rees algebras was studied by many mathematicians. In [GS] S. Goto any Y. Shimoda gave a criterion forR(m) to be Cohen-Macaulay under the assumption thatAis Cohen-Macaulay. Their results have been generalized toR(I) in [HI].
doi:10.1017/s0027763000000489 fatcat:frdsoxiukvg6faw7lhij2izszu