High-accuracy Sellmeier equations for LiInS2 and its applications to the nonlinear optics in LiIn(SxSe1−x)2

K. Kato, N. Umemura, K. Miyata
2014 2014 International Conference Laser Optics  
This paper reports the high-accuracy Sellmeier equations for LiInS 2 that provide excellent reproduction of our new experimental results for second-harmonic (SHG) and sumfrequency generation (SFG) in the 0.8018-10.5910m range as well as the published difference-frequency generation (DFG) data points for cw Ti:Al 2 O 3 lasers in the 6.5851-6.9896m range. In addition, the feasibility of 90° phase-matched type-2 SFG between 10.5910 and 5.2955m in LiIn(S 0.8 Se 0.2 ) 2 is briefly reported.
doi:10.1109/lo.2014.6886417 fatcat:5nwf2fnpp5dgnozdr5zqck3h4e