Low energy electron energy-loss spectroscopy of CF3X (X=Cl,Br)

M. Hoshino, K. Sunohara, C. Makochekanwa, L. Pichl, H. Cho, H. Tanaka
2007 Journal of Chemical Physics  
We report threshold electron energy-loss spectra for the fluorohalomethanes CF 3 X ͑X =Cl,Br͒. Measurements were made at incident electron energies of 30 and 100 eV in energy-loss range of 4 -14 eV, and at scattering angles of 4°and 15°. Several new electronic transitions are observed which are ascribable to excitation of low-lying states as well as are intrinsically overlapped in the molecules themselves. Assignments of these electronic transitions are suggested. These assignments are based on
more » ... present spectroscopic and cross-section measurements, high-energy scattering spectra, and ab initio molecular orbital calculations. The calculated potential curves along the C -X bond show repulsive nature, suggesting that these transitions may lead to dissociation of the C -X bond. The present results are also compared with the previous ones for CF 3 H, CF 4 , and CF 3 I.
doi:10.1063/1.2424704 pmid:17228950 fatcat:br7kaoavtja5hageorfq746ab4