Isolation from cats of an endogenous type C virus with a novel envelope glycoprotein

D K Haapala, W G Robey, S D Oroszlan, W P Tsai
1985 Journal of Virology  
A search for variant endogenous cat viruses led to a novel isolate. Although the major envelope glycoprotein of this virus was similar in size to that of an RD-114-like virus that was coisolated, it was unrelated to RD-114 or feline leukemia virus by immunological and biological criteria. This degree of dissimilarity suggests a different evolutionary progenitor from that for the and feline leukemia virus viral envelopes. The novel virus did, however, code for gag gene polypeptides which are
more » ... tides which are closely related to RD-114 virus. Neither the novel isolate nor the RD-114-like coisolate induced foci in S'Lcat cells which restrict focus induction by virus. This suggests that the two viruses share a common genomic target of restriction which resides outside of the env region. Virus stocks from 6DDK cells producing M-1 Moloney MSV(CCC) (38) were plated at limiting dilutions on G355-5 cells after sonication for 10 s at 100 W of output in an ice bath. This treatment was sufficient to disrupt virus aggregates (unpublished data). Individual foci of transformed cells 827 on May 7, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jvi.53.3.827-833.1985 fatcat:wlmvj44dffc4dhvuidruki222a