Constructing a Validity Investigation System for Answers to Given Exercises in the Theory of Harmony

Masanobu Miura, Masuzo Yanagida
The theory of harmony is the basic subject in music education for western traditional music established in 17-18 centuries. The theory is a system of "inhibition rules" that collectively characterize European classical music. Students majoring in music are required to memorize the rules and then to solve given exercises concerning the rules so as to completely master the rules. Students, however, usually feel difficulties in judging correctness of their answers to the exercises, so they are
more » ... es, so they are forced to ask teacher's judgments. Proposed here is a system, named "VISAGE (Validity Investigation System for Answers to Given Exercises for the theory of harmony)", that can judge validity of students' answers and point out their errors if any. It is expected that VISAGE would help students understand the theory of harmony by providing comments on their answers to given exercises.