Electronic excitations and electron-phonon coupling in bulk graphite through Raman scattering in high magnetic fields

P. Kossacki, C. Faugeras, M. Kühne, M. Orlita, A. A. L. Nicolet, J. M. Schneider, D. M. Basko, Yu. I. Latyshev, M. Potemski
2011 Physical Review B  
We use polarized magneto-Raman scattering to study purely electronic excitations and the electron-phonon coupling in bulk graphite. At a temperature of 4.2 K and in magnetic fields up to 28 T we observe K-point electronic excitations involving Landau bands with Δ |n|=0 and with Δ |n|=±2 that can be selected by controlling the angular momentum of the excitation laser and of the scattered light. The magneto-phonon effect involving the E_2g optical phonon and K-point inter Landau bands electronic
more » ... xcitations with Δ |n|=±1 is revealed and analyzed within a model taking into account the full k_z dispersion. These polarization resolved results are explained in the frame of the Slonczewski-Weiss-McClure (SWM) model which directly allows to quantify the electron-hole asymmetry.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.84.235138 fatcat:4g5nxjv5xzewtm2zl6srjepdxi