L. I. Kolesnikova, M. A. Darenskaya, L. A. Grebenkina, A. V. Labygina, M. I. Dolgikh, L. V. Natyaganova, O. A. Pervushina
2013 Acta Biomedica Scientifica  
This review describe some possible links of epidemiology and progress diseases with people ethnicity and race. Cultural, socioeconomic, genetic and environmental factors play significant roles in these links. It was shown some ethnic differences in development of a number of pathological conditions in aboriginal and indigenous minorities of the North and Siberia. It was found increasing of the incidence of disease among individual classes of peoples in Siberia. The ethnic factor should be taken
more » ... in accounts in explanation of pathogenesis of pathological processes, development of evidence-based, differentiated treatment programs and therapeutic approaches in multinational regions of our country.
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