Branch, Using the EFQM Organizational Excellence Model

Khajeh, Salami
2013 unpublished
Aims The higher education system of each country plays the major role in economic, social and the cultural development. The purpose of the present study was to determine the performance self-assessment score of Islamic Azad University at Qom Branch based on EFQM Excellence model. Methods In this descriptive cross-sectional study, 207 staffs of managers, experts and faculty members of Islamic Azad University at Qom Branch were selected using stratified random sampling method in 2011. The
more » ... version of EFQM questionnaire was used for data collection. Data was analyzed using SPSS 16 software and stusent T test. Results The University's performance self-assessment mean score in the area of enablers was 229 and in results area was 233. The highest score obtained in enablers' area was associated with leadership criterion (4.80±2.22) and the lowest score was related to strategy and policy (4.41±2.18). Population results criteria obtained the highest (5.08±2.28) and the staff's results obtained the lowest (4.10±2.18) scores of the results area. Conclusion In view of managers, experts and faculty members, Islamic Azad University at Qom Branch obtains 462 out of 1000 possible sores of EFQM Excellence Model. Moreover, it is at an average but desirable status.