Simulation of Discrete‐Event Systems in MATLAB [chapter]

Raul Campos-Rodriguez, Mildreth Alcaraz-Mejia, Uriel Sanchez-Ramirez
2016 Applications from Engineering with MATLAB Concepts  
The discrete-event systems (DES) are systems guided by asynchronous events rather than by the passage of the time as in traditional systems. There exists a wide set of systems that could be considered within this class, such as communication protocols, computer and microcontroller operating systems, flexible manufacturing systems, communication drivers for embedded applications and logistic systems, among others. Their proper study is a requirement for a suitable implementation of embedded
more » ... are and software, for example. The aim of this chapter is to approach the simulation of this class of systems within the MATLAB/SIMULINK framework. A suitable simulation process, allowing the injection of input signals to the system and observing its output response, is a first step in the analysis of this class of systems, which may lead to more elaborated analysis such as reachability and deadlock avoidance. The advantage of the approach and techniques proposed in this chapter is the application of the set of tools, algorithms and visualization instruments present in the MATLAB/SIMULINK to the simulation of Discrete-Event Systems, which allows a simple integration of various DES by utilizing the matrices that define them. The concluding section of the chapter provides a link for downloading all the code for the examples developed here.
doi:10.5772/63230 fatcat:w6562bm2ubcshpcwgfbxb4ekau