Spectra of charmed and bottom baryons with hyperfine interaction

Zhen-Yang Wang, Jing-Juan Qi, Xin-Heng Guo, Ke-Wei Wei
2017 Chinese Physics C, High Energy Physics & Nuclear Physics  
Up to now, the excited charmed and bottom baryon states are still not well studied both experimentally and theoretically. In the present paper, we predict the mass of Ω_b^*, the only L = 0 baryon state which has not been observed, to be 6069.2 MeV. The spectra of charmed and bottom baryons with the orbital angular momentum L = 1 are studied in two popular constituent quark models, the Goldstone boson exchange (GBE) and the one gluon exchange (OGE) hyperfine interaction models, respectively.
more » ... rting the latest experimental data from the "Review of Particle Physics", we find that in the GBE model, there exist some multiplets (Σ_c(b), Ξ'_c(b) and Ω_c(b)) which total spins of three quarks in their lowest energy states are 3/2, but in the OGE model there is no such phenomenon. This is the most important difference between the GBE and OGE models. These results can be tested in the near future. We suggest more efforts to study the excited charmed and bottom baryons both theoretically and experimentally, not only for the abundance of baryon spectra, but also for determining which hyperfine interaction model is realized in nature.
doi:10.1088/1674-1137/41/9/093103 fatcat:hi4fpcaldzc25nvcx5rwto6ybu