Technical Visualizations of Easel Painting. Integration of Imaging Techniques and Textual Repertories

Magdelena Stoyanova, Detelin Luchev, Lilia Pavlova, Irina Provorova
2015 Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage   unpublished
Technical visualizations (TV) of easel painting, both partial or extended , are typically concerned with prospecting its structure, technique, material composition and eventual posterior interventions in order to facilitate the mapping of its characteristics being identical to those of other similar objects. For both types the main challenge is being able to integrate and compare the significant increase in the quantity and quality of image-based data resulting from rapid technological
more » ... nt in recent years. Their second critical component matches the algorithm of logical processes that, in principle, should be followed by analysis of a specific artistic technique on a unique artefact. The third crucial point is the translation of interdisciplinary to schematic or image-based data and the standardization of dictionaries used to enable their sharing. TVs are functional to the understanding of complex cases and, although the reliability of their issues is not absolute but only a nulla osta, they represent an important step towards the drastic reduction of errors produced by discontinued, fragmentary experiments in dating and authentication of easel painting.