Energy and Environmental Analysis of a Solar Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe Integrated Thermoelectric Generator Using IoT [post]

SakthiPriya Manivannan, DivyaLaxmi Gunasekaran, Gowthami Jaganathan, Shanthi Natesan, SabariMuthu Muthusamy, Sung Chul Kim, Balaji Kumar, GaneshKumar Poongavanam, Sakthivadivel Duraisamy
2022 unpublished
This paper investigates the solar evacuated tube heat pipe system (SEHP) coupled with a thermoelectric generator (TEG) using the internet of things (IoT). The TEGs convert heat energy into electricity through the Seebeck effect that finds application in the waste heat recovery process for the generation of power. The present work deals with the theoretical study on solar evacuated tube heat pipe integrated TEG and it is validated experimentally using with and without parabolic trough
more » ... ng collector. And the carbon credit of the TEG system is determined to find its potential in the environmental aspect. Also, the boost type converter is used to raise the power output by increasing the voltage from the TEG for rural electrifications. However, it is found that the maximum power output due to the influence of the parabolic trough concentrator results in increased efficiency when compared with the non-concentrating SEHP-TEG system. The TEG output power can be boosted up to a maximum of 5.98 V using a power electronic boost converter. Besides, the recorded real sensor data with Arduino is implemented in the experimental process for automatic remote monitoring of the temperature.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:4ku5aisk2rb2bmuzvno72ep5xy