Alternativ-Liganden, XIV [1]. Neue Chelatliganden des Typs (2-Me2E′C6H4)Si(EMe2)Me2 (E, E′ = N, P, As; Me = CH3) / Alternative Ligands, XIV [1]. Novel Chelating Ligands of the Type (2-Me2E′C6H4)Si(EMe2)Me2 (E, E′ = N, P, As; Me = CH3)

Paraskevas Aslanidis, Joseph Grobe
1983 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
Chelating ligands of the type (2-Me2NC6H4)Si(EMe2)Me2 (E = N, P, As) are prepared by ortho-lithiation of N,N-dimethylaniline followed by reaction with ClSi(NMe2)Me2 to yield (2-Me2NC6H4)Si(NMe2)Me2. Cleavage of the SiN-bond with MePCl2 affords (2-Me2NC6H4)Si(Cl)Me2, which on substitution with LiEMe2 (E = P, As) gives the corresponding ligands. Synthesis of (2-Me2E'C6H4)Si(EMe2)Me2 with E' = P or As is accomplished by producing 2-ClC6H4MgBr followed by reaction with either Me2E'Cl or
more » ... 2 to yield (2-ClC6H4)E'Me2 and (2-ClC6H4)Si(NMe2)Me2, respectively. The second donor group is introduced by Cl/Li exchange and reaction of the resulting lithium compounds with either ClSi(NMe2)Me2 or Me2E'Cl. (2-Me2PC6H4)Si(NMe2)Me2 and (2-Me2AsC6H4)Si(NMe2)Me2 then are used to prepare the additional four ligands with E, E' = P, As via (2-Me2E'C6H4)Si(Cl)Me2 by substitution with LiEMe2.
doi:10.1515/znb-1983-0302 fatcat:ypanal2wxffcfcobgkpwufhlfe