Patterns and comparisons of human-induced changes on river flood impacts in cities

Stephanie Clark, Ashish Sharma, Scott A. Sisson
2017 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions  
This study investigates patterns of current conditions and anticipated future changes in city-level flood impacts driven by urbanisation and climate change. Global patterns relating urban river flood impacts to socioeconomic development and changing hydrologic conditions are established, and world cities are matched to these patterns. Comparisons are provided between 98 individual cities. We use a novel adaption of the self-organizing map method to establish and present patterns in the
more » ... rns in the nonlinearly-related environmental and social variables. Spatiotemporal output maps of prevalent patterns compare baseline and changing trends of city-specific exposures of population and property to river flooding, revealing relationships between the cities based on their relative map placements. Cities experiencing high (or low) baseline flood impacts on population and/or property that are expected to improve (or worsen), as a result of anticipated climate change and development, are identified and compared. This paper condenses and conveys large amounts of information through visual communication to accelerate the understanding of relationships between local urban conditions and global processes, and to potentially motivate knowledge transfer between decision makers facing similar circumstances.
doi:10.5194/hess-2017-162 fatcat:cizp26hfc5ff5hh4zdnzskmp5y