A New Incremental Learning Algorithm with Probabilistic Weights Using Extended Data Expression

Kwangmo Yang, Anastasiya Kolesnikova, Won Don Lee
2013 Journal of information and communication convergence engineering  
New incremental learning algorithm using extended data expression, based on probabilistic compounding, is presented in this paper. Incremental learning algorithm generates an ensemble of weak classifiers and compounds these classifiers to a strong classifier, using a weighted majority voting, to improve classification performance. We introduce new probabilistic weighted majority voting founded on extended data expression. In this case class distribution of the output is used to compound
more » ... ers. UChoo, a decision tree classifier for extended data expression, is used as a base classifier, as it allows obtaining extended output expression that defines class distribution of the output. Extended data expression and UChoo classifier are powerful techniques in classification and rule refinement problem. In this paper extended data expression is applied to obtain probabilistic results with probabilistic majority voting. To show performance advantages, new algorithm is compared with Learn++, an incremental ensemble-based algorithm.
doi:10.6109/jicce.2013.11.4.258 fatcat:4robubrmobdexcwzsixv5sfeai