Scientific Viewpoints with Emphasis on Dermal Cellular Regeneration in Wound Sites

Denis E. Solomon
2014 Open Journal of Regenerative Medicine  
The human dermis presents an ongoing problem for regenerative medicine. Current medical management uses various acellular dermal matrices on wound sites. The challenge for scientists is to examine, then to question accepted conventional wisdom and to present new concepts. In this paper, Autologous Cell Therapy will be described by using cell culture of autologous dermal fibroblasts and their extracellular matrix as a foundation for rebuilding the dermis in conditioned wound beds * . This
more » ... l seems to create a conflict with the medical approach to keeping a wound bed "moist". * Also see: Yarwood-Ross L, Dignon AM. (2012) NPWT and moist wound dressings in the treatment of the diabetic foot. Br. J. Nurs. 21(15):S26, S28, S30-2.
doi:10.4236/ojrm.2014.31003 fatcat:vyfw7psfxzcsrmwistp5rm36mm