Why Isn't Everyone a Bayesian?

B. Efron
1986 American Statistician  
Originally a talk delivered at a conference on Bayesian statistics, this article attempts to answer the following ques tion: why is most scientific data analysis carried out in a non-Bayesian framework? The argument consists mainly of some practical examples of data analysis, in which the Bayes ian approach is difficult but Fisherian/frequentist solutions are relatively easy. There is a brief discussion of objectivity in statistical analyses and of the difficulties of achieving objectivity
more » ... n a Bayesian framework. The article ends with a list of practical advantages of Fisherian/frequentist methods, which so far seem to have outweighed the philo sophical superiority of Bayesianism.
doi:10.1080/00031305.1986.10475342 fatcat:ezawhxbaozdgbgzh7dxolgodqu