Quantum Fisher Information of Decohered W and GHZ Superposition States with Arbitrary Relative Phase

Volkan Erol
2017 International Journal of Theoretical Physics  
Quantum Fisher Information (QFI) is a very useful concept for analyzing situations that require phase sensitivity. It become a popular topic especially in Quantum Metrology domain. In this work, we study the changes in quantum Fisher information (QFI) values for one relative arbitrary phased quantum system consisting of a superposition of N Qubits W and GHZ states. In a recent work [7] , QFI values of this mentioned system for N qubits were studied. In this work, we extend this problem for the
more » ... hanges of QFI values in some noisy channels for the studied system. We show the changes in QFI depending on noise parameters. We report interesting results for different type of decoherence channels. We show the general case results for this problem.
doi:10.1007/s10773-017-3487-3 fatcat:afjzofxpmrflxd5fpozyiesbwi