Editorial - 100 years Journal of Applied Botany

Jutta Papenbrock
This year we want to celebrate the 100th birthday of our journal, which was first published as Angewandte Botanik (= Applied Botany) in 1919. It started as journal for members of the "Vereinigung für Angewandte Botanik (German Society for Applied Botany)" only. On a monthly basis, it delivered the newest research results in the field of applied botany as well as short communications, literature reviews and reports from scientific meetings to the German speaking research community. After a short
more » ... nity. After a short publication hiatus in the 1940ies, society members continued to report their findings, quickly exhausting the available print pages. Throughout the years, English titles and summaries where added, making the journal accessible for a wider, non-German speaking audience. The final step into the international research community was the opening of the journal for authors, who were not society members in the 1980ies. In 2004, the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualitätsforschung - Pflanzliche Lebensmittel (German Society for Quality Research in Plant Foods)" joined the journal due to partial overlap in their research focus, thus, making it the Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality as we know it today. The latest change happened in 2013, with the switch from a subscription based print journal to an online-only gold open access journal. This once again broadened the readership and gained the attention of even more international researchers, which nowadays make up the majority of our journal authors. The first article in "Angewandte Botanik" published in 1919 was submitted by Otto Appel, a phytopathologist well known for his discoveries on bacterial and fungal diseases of crops such as potato and cereals. His work ranged from fundamental research to applied research and reflected in his long-term membership in the board of the Association for Applied Botany. In the first contribution of this special jubilee section Hartwig Schulz and Heike Riegler report about "Otto Appel and his contributions to food quality and safety at the be [...]
doi:10.5073/jabfq.2019.092.026 fatcat:7bcjmgrhnfdsxenxoli3npjk6u