Effect of Educational Sessions about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome for Late Adolescent Girls Self Protective Measures

2015 International journal of Nursing Didactics  
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a heterogeneous endocrine disorder which affects one in 15 women worldwide. Study aim was to evaluate effect of educational sessions about polycystic ovarian syndrome for late adolescent girls self-protective measures. Study setting was conducted at the secondary school for girls, Mansoura, Egypt after obtaining manger approval. Subjects were consisted of 95 students at 2 nd year. Tool: A Structured Interviewing Questionnaire Schedule consisted of three Parts were
more » ... of three Parts were used by the researchers to collect data, 1 st part consisted of questions related to demographic data, 2 nd part, consisted of items related to the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of ovary, 3 rd part, consisted of items related to the knowledge about polycystic ovarian syndrome and its protective measures. Results: The findings of the study revealed that before educational sessions' utilization the majority of students (87.4%) had inadequate knowledge regard polycystic ovarian syndrome. The overall pretest mean score was 14±3.383 with mean percentage 38.89%. While the overall posttest mean score was 32.86±2.079 and the mean percentage 91.31.The overall score posttest mean value (32.87) was higher than the overall score pretest (14.0). Conclusion: The knowledge score after educational sessions was higher than before, there was statistical significance difference of knowledge score between before and after educational sessions in all variables p <0.05.There was a statistically significant difference between pretest students' knowledge score in relation to student's age while there was no statistically significant relations was found with resident, mother education and work, father education and work, family type and monthly income. Thus, utilization of educational sessions was effective to increase the knowledge level of late adolescent girls about polycystic ovarian syndrome self-protective measures.
doi:10.15520/ijnd.2015.vol5.iss8.106.05-11 fatcat:nwqhcd3uoja33enf7iftnypz2e