K-Pg Chondrichthyan assemblages from Maryland: Paleobiogeographical significance and conservation needs [Presentation Slides] [article]

Nicholas Gardner, Mason Hintermeister, Donald Morgan, Ryan Shell, Nathan Van Vranken
2020 figshare.com  
Here, we report preliminary findings from ex situ collecting and bulk sampling from a locality within the Severn/Brightseat Formation from Prince Georges County, Maryland. These formations represent shallow marine deposits and various studies have been conducted. From ex situ collecting, in this locality, the only readily observed invertebrate is Exogyra represented by many clusters, while vertebrate remains are represented by scant cranial material from the predatory fish Enchodus and
more » ... chodus and postcranial remains from mosasaurs and turtles. Bulk sampling has revealed a diverse shark fauna, which we report the diversity of in comparison with other Maastrichtian to Danian shark faunas. Continued urban development in the Capital Beltway area threatens recovery of future fossils from the Severn/Brightseat Formations (Maastrichtian to Danian). Concentrated effort to learn from material collected by both avocational collectors and paleontologists could help improve our understanding of the diversity of these formations.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13229003.v1 fatcat:znhes3nv2fh6fkdrrzh43fv444