Optimal Surface Depth Study of Photovoltaic Modules with Immersion Cooling

2018 2018 4th International Conference on Education, Management and Information Technology (ICEMIT 2018)   unpublished
The corresponding thickness of the water film on the surface of the photovoltaic module can effectively absorb the heat generated by the work of the component, and can effectively improve the working efficiency of the component. In this paper, by using the solar module analyzer (PROVA), the electrical parameters (V, I, P) of the single crystal silicon photovoltaic module are tested. The output characteristics of the photovoltaic module on the surface with Immersion Cooling are explored, and the
more » ... e explored, and the output characteristics of the PV module are compared with the best water temperature of the best water film. The results show that when the photovoltaic module is placed horizontally, the output power of the water film thickness between 0.24cm and 0.3cm is the best. Under the same irradiation condition, the output power of the same piece of PV module is the best when the water film temperature of the component surface is 25 degrees centigrade. The research is of great significance to the design and construction of photovoltaic power stations in the future.
doi:10.25236/icemit.2018.119 fatcat:doyfnvhutfefzkr3pvotushfre