Role of 99mTc-MIBI scintimammography and X-ray mammography in the diagnosis of locoregional recurrence of breast cancer

Sharjeel Usmani, Khalid Niaz, Maseeh-Uz-Zaman, Shahid Kamal, Kashif Niyaz, Javed Mehboob, Adnan Hashmi, Salman Habib, Hina Hashmi
To evaluate the utility of Tc- MIBI scintimammography in the loco-regional recurrence of breast cancer and its comparison with mammography. The study population comprised of 33 subjects (mean age, 44.9 +/- 14.1 years); evaluated for suspected loco-regional recurrence of breast cancer on clinical examination. All subjects received a 740-1000 MBq bolus IV injection of 99mTc-MIBI preferably in pedal vein. At 5-10 min and 60-90 min post injection planar images were obtained in prone lateral and
more » ... ne anterior position using double head gamma camera. MIBI uptake was scored as follows: 1: as normal uptake (compared with contralateral side); 2: focal low intense uptake (equivocal); 3: focal high intense uptake (positive). Mammography was performed by two standard views of cranio-caudal and mediolateral oblique in 26 patients. All patients had either excision biopsy or fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) for tissue diagnosis. Out of 33 patients, 21 had confirmed as recurrence on hiostopathology/cytology. Scintimammography was found true positive in 18 and true negative in 11 patients. The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and accuracy were 85.7%, 91.7%, 94.7%, 78.6% and 87.8% respectively. In comparison, mammography was true positive in 9 and true negative in 6 patients with sensitivity of 52.9%, specificity, 66.7%, PPV 75%, NPV 42.9% and accuracy 57.7%. Scintimammography has better diagnostic accuracy than mammography in the detection of loco-regional recurrence of breast cancer.
pmid:17489522 fatcat:qxqebrxevfalvoen2nmbf453km