The Relativistic Wave Equation

Ilija Barukčić
2013 International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics  
In general, it is well known that the Schrödinger equation is not compatible with special relativity theory to a necessary extent. Thus far, there are already several trials to formulate versions of the Schrödinger equation to ensure compatibility with special relativity theory, the Klein-Gordon-equation or the Dirac equation are some of these attempts. Material and Methods: In this paper, Einstein's relativistic energy momentum relation is re-analyzed, a normalized relativistic energy momentum
more » ... relation is derived. The derived normalized relativistic energy momentum relation together with the known Schrödinger equation is used as a starting point to establish a wave equation consistent with special relativity theory. Results: In this publication, based on Einstein's relativistic energy momentum relation, the historical problem of the "particle-wave-duality" is solved. Furthermore, a special relativity theory consistent wave equation is derived. Index Terms-Causality, quantum mechanics, special and general relativity, unified field theory.
doi:10.7763/ijapm.2013.v3.242 fatcat:ignv5dbeojhjdl5ztmikhcnuii