The π-molecular complexes trans-azobenzene–(sym-trinitrobenezene)2 and N-benzylideneaniline–(sym-trinitrobenzene)2

I. Bar, J. Bernstein
1981 Acta Crystallographica Section B  
The isomorphous crystal structures of two n-molecular complexes of the isoelectronic analogues trans-azobenzene (AB) and N-benzylideneaniline (BA) with trinitrobenzene (TNB) in a 1:2 ratio have been determined by X-ray analysis. Both complexes crystallize in space group C2/c, with Z = 4. For AB :TNB2: a = 10.896 (2), b = 9.993 (2), c = 24.932 (6) A, fl = 97.66(2)°; for BA:TNB2: a = 11.034(3), b = 9.973(1), c = 24.940(8)A, fl = 95.17(2) ° . The structures were refined to R = 0.062 (1777 observed
more » ... reflections) and 0.070 (2039) respectively. The donor molecule in these compounds takes on two orientations with population ratio 1"I. Comparison of the structures of the AB and BA molecules here and in their pure crystal shows that AB is more distorted from planarity in the present molecular compound, while BA is significantly less distorted.
doi:10.1107/s0567740881003592 fatcat:wdr4arxitrcpzn7bq4ct6xqqea