Cinematic and volume rendering of a scaphoid fracture

Franz A Fellner, Manfred Behawy
2017 Global Imaging Insights  
We report a 56-year-old patient with acute wrist trauma. He presented with painful swelling in the area of the anatomical snuff box of the right hand. Plain radiograms revealed a scaphoid fracture ( Figure 1 ). However, the patient reported a history of repeat wrist trauma in the past years. Concerning the appearance of the fracture in the plain radiogram it was not definitely clear, whether this is a recent or an old fracture. Therefore, an MR examination was done to differentiate between old
more » ... ntiate between old or recent fracture.The presence of significant bone marrow edema allowed the definite diagnosis of a recent scaphoid fracture (Figure 2 ). The patient was scheduled for surgery. For preoperative planning a CT scan of the right wrist was acquired (Figure 3 ). Figure 5. Cinematic Rendering of the CT data set. Combined three-dimensional and sectional display using clip planes in the coronal (a) and sagittal (b) orientation. Figure 6. Follow-up after surgery. Plain radiograms ap and lateral.
doi:10.15761/gii.1000111 fatcat:d45rdo5pvrbsrhovjs5hscigp4