Sliding Wear Characteristics of Anticorrosive Platings in Artificial Seawater

Tsuyoshi Kawazoe, Akira Nakashima, Shozo Morohoshi
2003 Marine Engineering  
The objective of this study is to evaluate sliding wear resistance of anticorrosive Ni and Cr base electroplatings and Ni-P electroless plating in seawater. Sliding wear tests against Al2O3 and bearing steel (SUJ2) were carried out in artificial seawater using an electrochemical potentiostat. Friction and wear were measured, and the wear track and the corrosion products at the contact were analyzed by SEM and ESCA. As the results, the corrosive wear of the platings is affected by material
more » ... ties of the counterface. Under the electrode and catholic potentials for practical use, Ni base platings show more superior corrosive wear resistance than Cr base platings sliding against Al2O3. In the case of the counterface of SUJ2, the corrosive wear hardly occurs on the platings except for Ni-P electroless plating. Main factors of the surface damage within this experimental condition are anticorrosion of the platings and adhesion between the platings and the counterface.
doi:10.5988/jime.38.752 fatcat:rqy35xfoivfdbcfvpfvm3a4kqm